Objectives :

  1. To support and provide all children the equal opportunity for education and increase their academic literacy
  2. To equip all children with knowledge and skills to be self independent and contributes to their community
  3. To provide the continuation of basic education to higher education and follow by Universities education and Vocational Trainings

1. Basic Education

Nursery Education and daycare children and toddlers are provided in our Children Homes

Basic Education is provided in the different schools with Kindergarten and Primary school

In Thailand : Thai Government Schools, Migrant Schools and Thai Chinese schools

In Myanmar : Myanmar Government Schools and Community Schools


2. Higher education

Higher Education / Secondary education provides 3 to 5 years education for students to prepare them for further study in Vocational Trainings, Diploma and Universities.


3. GED programmes (University Bridging course)

is conducted by Beam Foundation (Chiangmai) and other schools to prepare students for their Universities application


4. University Education

We provide Scholarship for our students to pursue their Universities Education in Chiangmai, Bangkk and Yangon.

Many of our students are in Chiangmai Univrsity, University Thai Chamber of Commerce, Rangoon University and other Universities.


5. Vocational & Trainings

Students go thru vocational trainings and develop their skills