My Home Project : Phase 1 (Block 1)

My Home Project is an integrated children home and training facilities to house up to 150 orphans and children in Maesot, Thailand. The site for the new home was bought and secured in December 2014 at Maesot, Thailand with a land size of around 10,000 sqft. The new integrated facilities is near to the schools and easily accessible. Building plans are for a 2 storey building with an estimated 12,000 sq ft build-up area. The integrated facilities includes, a multi-purpose hall, library, computer lab, nursery, dining hall, kitchen, learning corners, study area, creative art studio, training rooms, playground, kitchen, boys’ rooms, girls’ rooms and other facilities. A Social enterprise will be set up for trainings and workshops to impart new skills sets and generate funds for the new children home operating expenses.

We are in Phase 2 and 3 of the development and designing details. Construction is scheduled to be in the 2nd half of Year 2016 and schedule of construction is estimated to complete by 2018 and depending on funding.

The new facilities will provide a conducive environment for all these orphans and children and also be a platform for trainings and social enterprise.

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My Home Sponsorship

1. USD40 – Giver / Tile’s

2. USD100 – Contributor’s

3. USD200 – Brick’s

4. USD400 – Supporter’s

5.USD800 – Friend’s

Phase 2 Sponsorship (Piling, Foundation works, Ground Floor & 2nd floor)

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