Our Education & Scholarship funds university students for their 4 years Bachelor Degree in Chiangmai and Bangkok universities.


Thank you note from our University student

As for me, I’ve been receiving help from Project Love Asia Foundation for 2 years. If without helps from you and Project Love Asia Foundation, there’s no opportunity to me, there’s no hope to me and there’s no university education to me. I might probably be working somewhere from drawn to dust to earn living for the family. However, because of your help, now I’m in a good condition to learn and enjoy the life here at the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. Even though I do not better supports or opportunities than other, there’s still a way left for me to go.

You are not our relative but you are the people who give us peace to study. I know that you want nothing in return but I conclude that studying hard might make you happy. Your names are written down on the heaven because of kindness and peaceful hearts. We pray for you to be always healthy and live in fulfill lives.

Scholarship sponsorship

USD 670 – for 1 Month scholarship

USD 2,000 – for 3 months scholarship

USD 4,000 – for 6 months scholarship

USD 8,000 – for one year scholarship

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