Every Ambassador and Company (CSR programme)  contributes their skills and knowledge to our beneficiaries by conducting trainings and workshops.

These series of trainings and workshops create a long term impact for these children and youth and equip them with Life’s Skills and Skills to join the different industries.

To join our Ambassador and CSR programmes, drop us an email at : info@projectloveasia.org

  1. Youth Leadership & Team Building workshops

Our team conducted Vison board workshops for the students and Team Building workshops. Other upcoming Youth Leadership programmes will include critical thinking workshops, Financial Literacy workshops and other workshops.


2. Beauty Workshops (Eyebrow embroidery) by Allure Beauty, Singapore – Dec 2016, Thailand

Allure Beauty (Singapore) together with the Founder – Ms Angela Tnee conducted the eyebrow embroidery workshops for the children and youth in Thailand. With this skill all students are able to join the Beauty industry in the near future.



3. Creative Music workshops by Teacher PING (Singapore)

Teacher Ping conducted Music workshops for toddlers and children




4. Creative Art Workshops

A series of Creative Art workshops are conducted and brings out the best of each Child.

Singapore Artist : Angie Seah


Singapore Artist : Justin Lee